Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Singh Saab The Great 2nd Tuesday Box Office Collection

Sunny Deol starrer 'Singh Saab The Great' has collected Rs. 0.70 crore
in its 2nd Tuesday. With this, its 12-days total collection is now
stands at Rs.44.70 crore. Here is breakup-

1st day - Rs.6 crore
2nd day - Rs.7 crore
3rd day - Rs.9 crore
4th day - Rs.8 crore
5th day - Rs.4 crore
6th day - Rs.2.9 crore
7th day - Rs.4.3 crore
8th day - Rs.1.50 Crore
9th day - Rs.1. Crore
10th day - Rs.1.70 crore
11th day - Rs.1.50 crore
12th day - Rs.0.70 crore

Total - Rs. 44.70 crore

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