Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Priyanka Chopra Silences Media When Asked About Shahrukh Khan

When Priyanka Chopra was asked whether she thoughtShahrukh Khan would
be the best co-host for a film
award function, as far as on-stage love
and romance is concerned, the actress
surprised everybody by saying she can
romance anybody, and not just SRK!

Priyanka Chopra recently made a formal
announcement of hosting a famous film
awards function along with Ranbir Kapoor . When Piggy Chops, who was
once rumoured to be having a soft corner for baadshah Shahrukh Khan
was asked if SRK would make the best co-host as far as on-stage
romance and comedy is concerned, she gave a befitting reply, "I can
romance anybody, why just SRK!"

When asked if she is afraid of being
compared to previous hosts Shahrukh
and Saif Ali Khan, she said that it should
be Ranbir, and not her who will be
compared to them. The damsel then
defended Ranbir by saying that he has hosted award functions earlier and has
proved his potential and hence need not
be insecure.

Talking about herself, Priyanka Chopra
said that since she is the first female
actress to host the show, she doesn't
need to be bothered about comparison
and just hopes to do a jood job and get
favourable feedback.

It must be remembered here that not
long ago, Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka
Chopra were rumoured to be dating each other. Gossip mongers even
churned out stories of how Gauri Khan was upset with Priyanka and even
cornered and isolated her at any given point.

How much of these gossips is true is not
known, but ofcourse it's clear that these
rumours don't affect Priyanka Chopra,
who has learnt to tactfully silence the

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