Monday, December 2, 2013

Akshay Kumar And Ajay Devgan To Clash At Box Office Next Year

The biggest news of this time is that two big actors of bollywood is
going to clash at the box office next year. Khiladi of bollywood
Akshay Kumar and Singham star Ajay Devgan will clash at box office
next year.

Akshay Kumar's 'Thupakki Remake' and Ajay Devgan's 'Action Jaction'
will release on same day, 1st May 2014. Interesting fact is that in
both the films, Sonakshi Sinha is actress. Action Jaction is directed
by PrabhuDeva.

Akshay and Ajay have already clashed at box office twice. And both
actor wins one time. It means both are experienced Khiladi. Let's see
who will be winner this time.

Clashed History-
Year - Akshay's film - Ajay's Film - Winner

2009- Blue - All The Best - Blue
2010 - Action Replay - Golmal 3 - Golmal 3

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